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Preparing for your SeaDek Installation

So, you've chosen your color combination, that perfectly fits your boat and you've carefully hand picked the perfect unique design just to fit your boat and your personality and now you're wondering how to prepare for your custom SeaDek? Look no further, we got you covered! Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your installation goes seamlessly!

Preparing for your SeaDek installation:

Confirm that everything on the rendering we send you is accurate.

After our technicians scan your boat, our amazingly talented CAD designers take your custom scan into their drawing program and draw inch by inch until you get a birds eye view of the areas you requested to have covered in SeaDek. They go over every inch meticulously to insure a seamless fit and amazing look once placed on the boat! Make sure to take your time looking over your custom rendering in case anything was missed. Make sure that everything you requested at the consultation is correct like color combination and thickness along with any logos, rulers or special designs you wanted. Taking that extra step assures that we work together to make sure your vision is heard and we execute it perfectly!

Make sure your boat location address is accurate.

Taking a few minutes to confirm your address with us, saves us from showing up to the wrong location if you have moved it to another location. If you plan to move your boat to a different location then where you can your consultation at, please let us know and we will make sure to get that updated in our system so we can make sure to respect your schedule and show up on time. Please think about accessibility for the installation team, such as providing clear instructions for parking or any specific docking requirements.

We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry!

Remove any old flooring or carpeting.

If you have any old flooring or carpet, please make sure to have it professionally removed and the boat floor detailed before we come out to scan or install. Having residue or uneven surfaces can affect the measurements and the installation process and longevity of the SeaDek. We do offer in house removal as well upon request and can take it on by a case by case basis for an extra fee unless we feel like you need to have it professionally removed.

Wash your boat.

This step is essential to ensuring your SeaDek adheres correctly and lasts longer with no issues down the road. Taking the time to wash your boat with a degreaser and letting it dry off for 24 to 48hrs ensures the SeaDek will adhere perfectly and last for years to come for you to enjoy!

Call in any Gate codes or Marina passes. Make sure to speak to your project coordinator if you have any gate codes or Marina passes to call in. This helps our guys access the boat without having to call and text you last minute to get access to install your custom SeaDek. If you aren't sure your boat will be ready due to repairs or services, just let us know in advance and we will work with your schedule!

Sit back and enjoy your SeaDek!

Your SeaDek is installed so its time to take it out on the water!

Make sure to tag us on our social media platforms for a repost.

Ask your sales consultant about DekMagic as a great product for keeping your SeaDek fresh and clean to enjoy all summer!

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