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Design Process for SeaDek at Castaway Customs SAC

Updated: Feb 26

Something that makes us stand out, is the detail and time put into each of your projects with our Design Process for SeaDek, here at Castaway Customs SAC. It may seem like a pretty easy, "Scan and Go" situation but in reality, we have very detailed and well-thought-out processes to ensure your project fits seamlessly and looks amazing.

From your first scanning appointment to the date of installation, a lot goes on behind the scenes!

We start, by mapping out your project by placing our targets all around your boat.

You may look at that and think, "Dang, that's a whole lot of mess going on!" but in reality, our technicians are placing them specifically all over the boat to ensure maximum coverage when it comes to our scanning process. Every boat may look the same from the outside but actually, even a simple change like adding rod holders or a pie plate can change the design completely.

Each target is mathematically communicating with the other targets and once we process the photos, we have your entire boat mapped out.

Once we have the scan we need, we can start tracing those lines and mapping out where we think the pads should go to create an aesthetic look but also ensure we get maximum coverage for your project.

Once everything has been mapped out, then the fun part begins which is customizing your rendering with the specifications you request on the day of your consultation!

Do you want a Faux Teak look? We got you!

Custom Logo? Heck yeah, bring it on!

You dream it up, and we can do it!

You get to choose from our 32 amazing colors and even switch them up for a triple laminate color pop so you get pops of colors all the way through and make a statement on the water!

How SeaDek is Drawn?
Custom logo on SeaDek

Once we gather all the design details from you, we put all that information onto your own custom rendering and it gets sent to your email so you can look over all the boat areas and design choices along with custom logos and color combinations so you have the power over what the SeaDek looks like before we cut it!

Once your rendering has been approved by you, we send it to our CAD team to go over it one last time, to ensure everything goes smoothly on the manufacturing side of things and once it passes our standard checklist, they send it to our production team who then takes over the project, and cuts and routes each pad to perfection. On the day of your installation, we clean your boat off with our cleaning solution to make sure we are sticking the SeaDek onto a clean and dry surface. That's why it is super important to give your boat a good wash with Dawn Dish soap and water and give it a good scrub!

That ensures your SeaDek has the best possible surface area to stick to and enjoy for years to come!

From scan, to drawing, to rendering and production; we are here every step of the way to provide the best customer experience possible so never hesitate to give us a call to answer any questions you have about our process or if you need help deciding on design choices!

Before and afters
Storm over Black Faux Teak SeaDek
Before and afters
Custom Red Fish Logo

Before and Afters
Tidewater Boats

Storm Gray over Black Brushed

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